Project Description

164.81kWh energy storage system

164.81kWh energy storage system

  • Modular design with different densities suits all scenarios.
  • Flexible voltage range from 100VDC to 1500VDC.
  • Three levels management system design delivers the highest reliability.
  • Rack-mounted or container-based system configuration

Full Rack capacity: 108.93 kWh


Full Rack capacity: 164.81 kWh

Commercial Battery Solution: Modularization design in 38.4VDC in series
Battery voltage: 38.4V~1113.6V
Battery Module Qty. (Optional): 1-29 Pcs
DoD: 90%
Life cycle: 5000
Design life: > 15years
Battery system charges Current 0.5C (Max.)
Communication protocols: CAN, Modbus RTU
Safety Certificate: IEC62619/UL1973/CE

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